Product Overview

Digital Gravelometer is software for Windows® that enables you to measure unconsolidated gravel sediments rapidly and accurately from digital photographs.

With Digital Gravelometer you can dramatically increase the productivity with which you sample exposed gravels, obtaining size information with a similar accuracy to that achieved using conventional techniques. Collecting a sample is as easy as taking a digital photograph – just follow a few simple guidelines and 'snap'.

At the end of the day, transfer the images onto your computer and load them into the Digital Gravelometer software. A few basic pieces of information about each image and a few mouse clicks are all that is normally required to obtain a complete grain-size distribution for your samples.

In addition to basic size-distribution parameters, Digital Gravelometer produces customisable reports containing a host of statistical parameters along with graphical grain-size distribution curves and histograms. Once you have customised the report to suit your particular requirements, the settings can be saved as a template, making the analysis of subsequent samples even quicker.

In the event that you wish to undertake analysis beyond that supported by Digital Gravelometer, reports may be exported to a comma-separated variable file that is readable by most data analysis packages (including Excel®).

Key benefits

Undertaking a sampling programme with a digital camera and the Digital Gravelometer has substantial productivity, environmental and sampling advantages over conventional approaches.

  Photographic sampling with Digital Gravelometer Conventional (Wolman) sampling
Productivity 5-10 minutes per sample 2-8 person hours per sample
Environmental impact No damage to the surface being studied – in situ photographic sampling Requires removal of grains for measurement
Spatial coverage Provides detailed information about small areas. Samples may be combined from within larger areas Integrates information across large areas, potentially missing small-scale variability

Who should use Digital Gravelometer?

The Digital Gravelometer software can benefit all businesses that require information about the size of exposed coarse-grained materials. The dramatic increase in data collection and efficiency of analysis facilitated by the software will result in significant cost savings in the fields of:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Fluvial Geomorphology
  • Hydrology
  • Aquatic Biology
  • Fisheries
  • River Management.

The software will facilitate advances in scientific research by enabling information on grain size to be obtained at a temporal and spatial resolution that has never before been achievable.


Still have questions? Check out the FAQs, take a look at the features list, or download the free evaluation version now.